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Solution For Water

A better way to manage water with the Internet of Things

Smart Water

Smarter at every point

Smart water meters are a form of IoT, a network of technologies which can monitor the status of physical objects, capture meaningful data, and communicate that data over a wireless network to a software application for analysis on a computer in the cloud. Technologies are capable of monitoring objects such as smart water meters and other electronic devices, organisms or a natural part of the environment such as an area of ground to be measured for moisture or chemical content. A smart device is associated with each object which provides the connectivity and a unique digital identity for identifying, tracking and communicating with the object. A sensor within or attached to the device is connected to the Internet by a local area connection (such as RFID, NFC or BTLE) and can also have wide area connectivity. Typically, each data transmission from a device is small in size but the number of transmissions can be frequent.

Smart Water Sensors: In almost every building, a maze of pipes exist in them that are hidden from view. These pipes carry fresh water into the building and take the waste out. As these pipes are hidden from view, it is often difficult to detect leaks and often when a leak is detected, the pipe has probably already been leaking for some time. Smart connected sensors that are integrated into the maze of pipes in almost every building can enable immediate detection of leaks that are unseen to the human eye. If a sensor detects water flowage when no water using appliances are running, the sensor can then send an alert to the owner of the building. The owner can then make the necessary repairs. Further, the owner will be able to pinpoint the exact location of the leak based on the sensor’s location.

Smart Irrigation Systems: Irrigation of crops and ornamental plants contributes to over 80% of all water usage in California. As irrigation is the single largest use of water in California, a massive push needs to be made to reduce that percentage while maintaining current production levels. Although the state has taken steps to reduce water used by irrigation, smart irrigation systems leveraging IoT technology can enable the state to conservation to reach a new level. Smart connected sensors that are connected to smart sprinklers leveraging IoT technology will enable just the right amount of water needed for plants to flourish. The smart sensors are embedded in the soil that measures the moisture levels. The sensors then relay this information to the smart sprinkler system and the sprinklers add just the right amount of water.

Arab Expert with cooperation with sensus that has smart water system combines advanced sensors, software and services with the FlexNet® communication network to enable better management of your public service.

Measure smarter Preventing non-revenue water loss caused by meter inaccuracy can recover lost revenue and deliver more accurate billing.
Communicate better FlexNet, our expandable communication network, lets you collect data from many endpoints to detect and pinpoint issues throughout your water system.
Analyze easier Sensus analytics are configurable, intuitive and insightful. We help you resolve problems faster to improve efficiency and customer service.

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