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Fujitsu Servers


Arab Expert has a wide range of Fujitsu servers in over 215 stock locations worldwide, Our inventory cover all the Fujitsu server models including BX servers, RX servers, TX servers, BF/CX/Econel/MX Servers.

ARAB EXPERT has become a favorite choice for quality refurbished Fujitsu hardware around the world thanks to its unmatched quality, best delivery time and a backing of 1 year Free ARAB EXPERT warranty. Since 1983, our commitment is to help companies around the world to reduce the costs, and to maximize the ROI on their existing infrastructure.

We empower enterprises by providing them with a Fujitsu Server, without end-of-life or end-of-sale restrictions. We help you to take control of your IT infrastructure upgrade decisions, our policy is to never upgrade unless there is a specific business or technical need.